Key Accessories for your iPhone 7

Screen Protector

Are you thinking to sell your phone at the best rate in near future? Do you know, Scratches can reduce your phone’s resale value!! So, if you don’t protect your phone — say it gets tossed in your purse with your keys or handed off to one of the kids to play games, your phone might get scratches that you might never be able to get rid of!! — A high-quality screen protector will help keep your phone not only protected from scratches but also keep your phone in one piece by preventing cracking!

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Portable Charger

Finding yourself with a dead phone is a nightmare!! Save yourself from the nightmare and own a Portable Battery Charger which is handy and convenient to use always! The best part is, its is compatible not only with Apple devices but All other devices by using the built-in USB charging cable. So, your family & friends don’t have to worry about carrying separate charges on an outing whether or not an apple user!!

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Fast Charger

Running late and need your iPhone to charge faster??!! Fully charging your iPhone can be very time consuming! Fortunately, there is a way to charge it faster. The latest iPhones can safely charge with a 2.1-amp (12 W) supply, like the type that comes with the Apple iPad, in addition to the 1 amp (5 watt) charger that comes in the box.

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Charging Case

If you are not in a mood to carry a separate battery to give your iPhone a boost, you definitely need a battery case. Battery cases are just what they sound like: phone cases with a built-in battery that charges your phone! So, here’s a chance to Get rid of the entangled chargers & wires in your bag and get your Phone case cum battery!!

Rugged, Water-Resistant Case

Waterproof, Snow proof, Dust proof & Drop proof!! This Life proof FRE gives you no chance to complain!! This case helps you enjoy rains or your next ski trip without any fear of damage for your phone! It comes with complete installation manual & instructions and comes in various colors!

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Sports Band

Do you love your work-outs & exercises but is always worried about where to keep your phones during these times where they are accessible? Now you have a chance to keep your phones closer to you with this new Tune Band without any worry!! Listen to songs, attend phone calls, all very easily while you workout & exercise!! Your phone fits snugly into and a strap threads through, making it slip free!! It comes in variety of colors for you to choose from.

Heavy-duty Cable

Nothing’s certain in life and in the modern age, even broken iPhone cables.! While Apple aficionados may love their gadgets, the cables often leave much to be desired, wearing out quickly even when subjected to only casual use. Fortunately, there’s a fix for that: replace your iPhone cable with a better, stronger one.

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Bluetooth Headphones

Always chose the one with just the right fit for secure, comfortable wear! With an option to choose the right fit from 3 different sizes, it comes with an excellent range of 33 feet’s, which lets you answer phones, listen to music even when your phone is not in near distance! The quality offers crisp noise and CVC 6.0 noise cancellation lets you tune out from the world and help you focus on your phone call!!

Lightning Jack Splitter

The iPhone 7 has one port that serves as both the headphone jack and the power connector. So, at some point, you’ll find yourself wanting to listen to music and charge your phone at the same time. Its now possible with this dual lighting jack accessory that enables you to Listen and Charge both at the same time or even connect two lightning head phones simultaneously.

Anti-Bacterial Screen Cleaner

Throughout the course of the day, we touch our phones after pressing elevator buttons, riding in taxis, changing diapers, preparing food, not to mention handing them to our friends and kids. The facts say that people are just as likely to get sick from their phones as from bathroom door handles. So, it makes sense to subject your phone to regular cleaning to keep germs at bay! This special cleaner offers germ protection, removes fingerprints, repels dust and leaves your phone with a pleasant scent (mint, lavender, rose and few more options…!!

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